Student Forms

Students who begin attending college within six months of moving to Arkansas may be charged at the Out-of-State tuition rate.  In order to apply for In-State Residency, you must supply proof that you intend to make Arkansas your home.  In-State tuition rates may only be given to students who are U.S. Citizens or have Permanent Resident status.

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Transcripts are evaluated for general education credit by the Registrar's Office and credit is posted to your UACCM transcript upon admission.  Credit for technical areas and/or course substitutions may be requested. 
** All course transfer/substitution forms require the approval from your Advisor, Dean and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs before the form will be processed by the Registrar's Office.     
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If your original diploma has been lost or destroyed, you may use this form to request another.  

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Transfer students may elect to transfer in a maximum of 2 courses with grades of D's from other nationally accredited institutions.  If interested, please complete this form and submit it to the Registrar's Office located in UC 215.

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This form must be completed and signed by a student who wishes to give access to another person (family member, spouse, etc.).  It should be submitted to the Registrar's Office in person with proof of identification.  

Students taking all web courses, may contact the Registrar's Office at (501)977-2048 for an alternative method of delivery. 

This form will cover the 2023-24 school year and expires on July 31, 2024.

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Because we recognize that not all learning takes place in a traditional classroom, please use this form when requesting prior learning credit.  
** This form should be submitted for approval from the Dean and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs before the form will be processed by the Registrar's Office.   
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This form is used to obtain copies of other documents contained in the student file such as: Immunization Records, Test Scores, unofficial copies of High School  transcripts…etc.   (Please note: UACCM transcripts must be requested using a transcript request form.)

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Correct or change your SSN, name, address, or phone number

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Used by a student to allow a third-party to act as his/her agent during the registration process.

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 See Transcript Request section for instructions.

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