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1.     Can I get my son or daughter’s transcript?    

Not without written authorization from the student.  Please review the link below:


2.     How can I get a transcript?

Students have access to their unofficial transcript anytime using Campus Connect. 

Students may pick up an official transcript in the Registrar’s Office by showing their photo ID. 

To have a transcript mailed, the student must provide a written signed request to the Registrar’s Office. Transcript request forms are available on our website at the link below:   


3.     Can I get a transcript if I have a hold on my account? 

No transcripts will be issued for students with outstanding holds.  


4.     Can I view my grades if I have a hold on my account?

A business office hold may prevent you from viewing your grades in Campus Connect. 


5.     How many hours or what GPA do I have? 

Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) we are not permitted to give you that information by telephone. View your FERPA rights at the link below:


6.     How can I drop a class and do I have to come to campus? 

If the semester has already begun, you must come to campus to complete a Withdrawal Form and obtain all required signatures before your drop may be processed.  


If the semester has not yet begun, you fax or mail a written request or Withdrawal Form. The Withdrawal Form may be found on My Portal under Forms or on the Registrar’s Webpage at the link below: (Faxed or mailed forms must be received before the semester has begun.)


7.     How can I get access to Campus Connect? 

Go to and click on the On-line Tools button in the upper right hand corner, then to Campus Connect, Student. Enter your 9 digit student ID number and your 4 digit pin.   


8.     Can you give me my student ID? 

Your student ID is given to you in your letter of Acceptance by Admissions.   You may either request another letter from Admissions to be sent to the address on file; stop by our office with a photo ID; or send us a written request including signature and a copy of your Driver’s License as proof of identification.    


9.     When will my certificate or diploma be ready?

Generally your certificate or diploma will ready about six-eight weeks after your last course has been completed.   We will post on Social Media when diplomas are ready for pick-up.  If not picked up by the date given, the award will be mailed to you. Therefore, it is very important that the Registrar’s Office has your most current address.  


10.  How can I get copies of my test scores, immunization or high school transcript?

(1.)  Stop by the Registrar’s Office with copy of your photo ID.

(2.)  Complete a Request for Information Form with signature and detailed information of what copies you need. The form can be faxed or mailed to the Registrar’s Office. 

The Request for Information Form may be obtained from the following link:   

11.  Will my classes from other institutions transfer in? What courses will transfer?

Transfer credit will be evaluated for all “degree seeking” students. When evaluation is complete, students may view credits on their UACCM unofficial transcript using Campus Connect.   Due to the volume of transcripts received, this is not an immediate process.   Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.


12.  Will UACCM classes transfer to other institutions? 

All UACCM general education courses should transfer to other Arkansas Public Institutions. For more details, please visit the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) at the website below:


13.  Who can sign my drop form besides my advisor?

If your advisor is unavailable to sign your drop form, you may see the Advising Center or Division Chair for your area. See list below:


Advising Center, BTC 200, (501) 208-5307

Marilyn Thomas , Division Chair for General Education in UC 206, (501) 977-2070

Robert Keeton , Division Chair for Technical Studies, KB 100, (501) 977-2008

Deborah Rodgers , Division Chair for Health Professions and Natural Sciences, KB 100, (501) 977-2152


14.  Can you transfer me to Admissions/Financial Aid?

Sure, but you may contact them directly at the numbers below:


Admissions (501) 977-2000

Financial Aid (501) 977-2009

Information Desk (501) 977-2000


15.  How can I change my major?

Stop by the Registrar’s Office and complete a Change of Major Form, and obtain your advisor's signature. Return the form to the Registrar's Office for processing. 


16.  Can you give me my enrollment dates?

Yes, enrollments dates are a part of directory information at UACCM. For a complete list of directory information items please view the UACCM catalog which can be found at the following link: 


17.  When is the last day to drop?

Generally the last day to drop a course is three weeks prior to the last class meeting for full semester courses, two weeks for 8W and 10W courses, and one week prior to the last class meeting for 5W or condensed 4W summer terms.

For the actual last day to drop each term, please view the academic calendar found in the UACCM catalog (link above) or on the UACCM homepage.

18.  Can I get my money back if I drop?

Please contact the Business Office at (501) 977-2045 for any questions regarding refunds.


19.  What is your academic probation or suspension policy?

Each student is expected to make satisfactory progress in all courses taken at UACCM. When a student falls below a 2.00 cumulative GPA they will be placed on Academic Probation. When both the term and cumulative GPA fall below 2.00 the students will be placed on Academic suspension and may be required to sit out for one semester.  


Students will not be removed from the status of probation or suspension until both the term and cumulative GPA are both above a 2.00. For complete details, please few the Academic Probation/Suspension policy in the UACCM catalog which can be found at the link below:


20.  How may I appeal a suspension?

All students placed on suspension will be mailed a letter with instructions on how to apply. Students must complete an Academic Suspension Appeal Form and turn it into the Registrar’s Office by the due date for consideration by the Academic Standards Appeals Committee.


21.  What is clemency and how can I apply for it?

Academic clemency/forgiveness is a provision designed to help students who, because of personal crisis, immaturity, or other exceptional circumstances, have not demonstrated their true abilities in performing college work. Academic clemency allows the calculation of grade point average and credits hours to be based upon work completed after a prolonged separation from college. 


22.  What is the difference between a “W” and an “AW”? Will it hurt my status?

A grade of “W” is given when a student initiates a drop from a course after the official reporting day of each term. A grade of an “AW” signifies an Administrative Withdraw initiated by the instructor or college personnel. Neither grade counts as part of your GPA but may count toward future Financial Aid awards.  


23.  How can I figure my GPA? 

GPA is calculated by dividing the number of hours earned (the divisor) into the quality points. Quality points are assigned in the following manner:


Grades earned

A = 4 quality points 

B = 3 quality points

C = 2 quality points

D = 1 quality point

F = 0 quality point


Quality points are then multiplied by the number of credit hours the course is worth.


(Example: If you made an A in a 3 credit hour course, your quality points for that course would be 12, if you made a B it would equal 9, and a C would equal 6, etc.)

If you have earned 12 hours and have 36 quality points, your GPA would be 3.00.

*Remedial courses do not count in overall GPA, but they do count in the term GPA.


24.  Do I need to apply for graduation? If so how do I apply?

Yes! For currently enrolled students, graduation applications are due the Wednesday following the end of pre-registration one semester before graduation. If you plan to graduate in spring or summer, your graduation application is due to the Registrar’s Office in Mid-November.  If you plan to graduate in fall, your application is due following pre-registration in April.


To apply simply complete an Application for Graduation form found under Graduation Information on the Registrar's Portal page.  Meet with your advisor and have them forward a complete signed copy of your Plan of Study or Degree Audit to the Registrar's Office by the graduation deadline.  



25.  How can I find out who my advisor is?

New students are assigned an advisor before orientation at the beginning of each term.   Your advisor is listed on your Campus Connect. 


26.  How can I change my name, mailing address, phone number or make corrections to may SSN?

(1.)  Stop by the Registrar’s office and complete a Student Identification Correction Form.

(2.)  Address changes can be submitted to the Registrar’s office by mail or fax, or updated by you through Campus Connect Portal tab under the demographics information section.

(3.)  SSN corrections must be accompanied by a photo ID and Social Security Card.

(4.)  Name changes must be accompanied by a photo ID (with new name).

Unless specifically requested through Computer Services, any name changes completed during the middle of a semester will not be corrected in Angel, Campus Connect, or Email accounts until the beginning the following term. You should notify your instructors of any official name changes made to your student file. 

The Student Identification Correction Form may be found on the Registrar’s webpage or at the link below: