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UACCM-Public Wi-fi
Connect to UACCM Public Wifi with PC Laptop or Tablet (.docx, 1904K)
Connect to UACCM Public Wifi with Android Phone (.docx, 730K)
Connect to UACCM Public on an iOS Device (.docx, 15K)
Installing Office
Install Office 365 to Your PC or Mac (.docx, 565K)
Install Microsoft Office Full Version to Your PC or Mac (.docx, 1253K)
Microsoft Office for iPhone (.docx, 341K)
Running Microsoft Office Apps on a Chromebook (.pdf, 64K)
Password Management
Change Your Network Password On Campus.docx (.docx, 967K)
Change Your Network Password Remotely.docx (.docx, 386K)
Change Your Blackboard Password (.docx, 301K)
Set Up Email Verification to Enable Account Recovery (.docx, 1275K)
How to Clear out History and Cache
Clear Chrome Browser History and Cache (.docx, 81K)
Clear Firefox Browser History and Cache (.docx, 66K)
Clear Safari Browser History and Cache (.docx, 3531K)
Clear Android Phone Browser History and Cache (.docx, 556K)
Clear iPhone Browser History and Cache (.docx, 169K)
Clear Microsoft Edge Browser History and Cache (.pdf, 56K)
Sign Up for Early Alert (.docx, 101K)
Wireless Printing (.pdf, 251K)
Print Management for Students (.docx, 2151K)
Link Your UACCM Email to Your iPhone (.docx, 164K)
Set Outlook in Office 365 Default to Reply Instead of Reply All (.docx, 41K)
Change Quarantine Digest Settings in Proofpoint (.pdf, 303K)
UACCM Network Access Form (.pdf, 478K)
Microsoft OneDrive
How to Set Up OneDrive (.docx, 561K)
How to Use OneDrive (.docx, 399K)
Outlook Desktop App Configuration

Now that MFA is in effect for students, you must configure the Outlook desktop app to use an app password.

Outlook Desktop App Configuration (.docx, 219K)
LockDown Browser
Help LockDown Browser Detect a Microphone (.docx, 490K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.