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LOGIN INFORMATION: Portal, Blackboard and Campus Computers


Student Username: first initial + middle initial + lastname + last 3 of student id    

Password: First initial (uppercase) + entire StudentID 

Usernames will not have any special characters (hyphen, etc) and can only be 20 characters long.  If a name is too long, the last part of a hyphenated last name (after the hyphen) will be used when possible.  If you don't have a middle initial in our system an 'X' will be substituted.

New students' computer/Portal/Blackboard accounts won't be available until the first day of classes/orientation.  Microsoft 365 accounts (email) can take an additional 24-48 hours to sync with our servers. 

You are considered a new student if you have sat out one semester.  

Student accounts are deleted a few weeks into the Spring and Fall Semesters if you are no longer enrolled in classes.



New and former students who do not have Computer/Portal accounts can access their UACCM information via the Campus Connect tab using your Student ID and Pin. Login information is provided on that tab.  You can view your demographic info, schedule, account holds, account balance, financial aid, transcript, etc.  

If your login does not work, first verify that you have the correct Student ID.  Second you can have your PIN reset by contacting the Registrars' office at 977-2052. 


To Change your e-mail, address or phone number

To change you e-mail, address, or phone number go to the CampusConnect tab.  In the Demographic Information portlet, select Click here to update your demographic data. Make corrections in the fields provided then click the "Make Changes" button.  



If you enter your password wrong 5 times, it will lock your account for your protection.  This applies to the computer, email, and Portal, all of which use the same login username and password.  The account will automatically unlock after 15 minutes, so you should be able to try again as long as you know your password. 


UACCM Office365 email

Students will use this link to access your email (also Employees from off campus)...

Sign in with your UACCM Email address & Password.



Email: first initial + middle initial + last name  + last 3 digits of your Student ID 

Password: UPPERCASE First Initial + your Student ID number  (initial must be uppercase, no dashes)

ie.         J999004321


It may take several days for your Office 365 email to be ready due to syncing between UACCM & Microsoft.

The only things supported by UACCM IT is Office 365 account logins & licenses.  For all other issues you will need to contact Microsoft support.  When you log into Office 365, there is a Need Help button on the screen. 

**See the Handouts section for instructions on setting up the email on your cell phone.


Name Change for Computer Accounts

If you submit a name change request with the Registrars Office, your computer account won't be changed until the following semester.  At that time your new account will be created and you will be given time to forward any email you need to keep from your previous email to the new email before the old account is deleted (watch your email for notifications).  

If you would like your Computer Account changed mid-semester, you can contact IT to request that.