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The UACCM Help Center will be happy to help with any computer issues you may be having.  Please email, phone, or just drop by our office.

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Network Account Access Forms and Policies

The UACCM Acceptable Use Policy is required reading for all new students and employees. In addition, student workers, staff, and faculty are required to read, understand, and follow the UACCM Information Systems Access Policy.

UACCM Employee Network Access Form

UACCM Employee Account Creation Form

UACCM Acceptable Use Policy

UACCM Information Systems Access Policy



Student FAQs

Here are some helpful hints that may get you up and running fast!


Microsoft OneDrive

Outlook Desktop App Configuration

Now that MFA is in effect for students, you must configure the Outlook desktop app to use an app password.

Update Your Contact Information

You can change your e-mail, address, or phone number:

  1. Log into the UACCM Portal and click to the CampusConnect tab
  2. In the Demographic Information section, select Click here to update your demographic data
  3. Update your contact information in the fields provided, then click the Make Changes button

Update Your UACCM Account Name

For legal name changes:

We will update your account name once we receive notice from the Registrar's Office and are able to contact you to let you know we're about to make the change. Once the update takes effect, all of your network account features (Portal, email, Library databases, etc.) will be affected. However, your network password will remain the same.

Staying Connected

Be sure to check your UACCM student email weekly to stay informed on the latest UACCM news that affects you. This is especially important for students who attend classes only online, since you miss out on seeing our electronic notice boards as well as the typical word-of-mouth communication you would get attending classes on campus. Also, check out the UACCM Facebook page weekly -- and if you like, follow us on Twitter!

UACCM Network Login - Campus computers, Portal, Library databases

UACCM network accounts are generally available within two to three business days after a student registers for classes.

Student username follows this pattern: first initial + middle initial + last name + last 3 digits of Student ID number. For students who do not have a middle name, the letter “X” will be substituted.

Usernames will not contain any special characters and are limited to 20 characters in length. If a two-part name exceeds 20 characters, only the second part of the name will be used. For example, aemclaughlinwilliams789 would be shortened to aewilliams789.

Passwords for incoming and re-enrolled students who have sat out one or more semesters will be set to the following default value: first initial + middle initial + last initial + ID + hashtag + full Student ID number. For example:  aewID#123006789

At first login, students will receive a prompt to change their password to one of their own choosing. There are two ways to log in for the first time:

  1. On campus: log into any desktop computer located in a classroom, computer lab, or Academic Commons.
  2. Off campus: log into your Office 365 account by navigating to www.office.com and clicking the orange Sign In button.

Newly created passwords must follow these rules:

  • At least 15 characters long
  • At least one capital letter – and – one lowercase letter
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character such as #$%^&?><+
  • May not contain the word UACCM, any part of your name, or your Student ID number

UACCM network passwords remain active for 90 days, after which you should be prompted to change them either when you log into a campus computer or when you log into Office 365 (unless you have remained logged into 365 since signing into your last session.)

Blackboard Login

UACCM Blackboard accounts for new or re-enrolled students are generally set up and available one week before the start of classes for the student's incoming semester. Students log into their Blackboard account using their UACCM username and default password.** Beginning with May Intersession 2021, the default password for Blackboard will be the same as for the UACCM network account.

So, for Allison E Williams, ID 123006789, the default password would be aewID#123006789

**Please note: Blackboard is a service provided by a third-party vender. While your account will be set up initially with your default UACCM password, changing your password on campus, on the Portal, or via your UACCM student email will not alter your Blackboard password. It will remain the same until you log in and manually change it.


New students whose Portal accounts have not been set up – and former students whose accounts are no longer active – can access their student information through the CampusConnect page on the Portal by logging in with their full Student ID number and PIN. Please contact the Registrar’s Office at (501) 977-2052 to reset forgotten CampusConnect PINs.

CampusConnect accounts are generally available within two business days from the date the student is accepted by the Admissions office, and accessible information including name, address, course schedule, account balance, financial aid, student transcript, etc. is added as it becomes available.

Once a student's UACCM network account is created, they can log into the Portal, click on the CampusConnect tab, and be taken directly to their account homepage.

UACCM Email with Office 365

Open a browser window in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and navigate to: https://www.office.com


Your email address is your UACCM network username + @uaccm.edu  For example, aewilliams789@uaccm.edu

Your password is your UACCM network password. The default password in this instance would be aewID#123006789

When you land on your Office 365 homepage, click the Outlook icon  from the list on the left side of the screen.

Account Lockout

If you enter your password wrong 5 times, it will lock your account for your protection.  This applies all of your UACCM network accounts, including on-campus computer login, the Portal, student email, and library databases. The account will automatically unlock after 15 minutes, after which you can make another login attempt.

Anyone can have clumsy fingers now and again, but if you enter the password incorrectly two or three times in a row, some things you should check are:

  1. Are you sure your username was entered correctly? If there is an extra space before or after your username, the network will interpret that space as a character and consider the username incorrect.
  2. Is your caps lock on? On some keyboards -- especially laptops and tablets -- this can be hard to tell at a glance.
  3. Is your number lock turned off? Again, depending on the keyboard, this can be hard to tell.

If you continue experiencing login errors, you can contact the IT Help Center at (501) 208-5312 or helpcenter@uaccm.edu to have your password reset. Please have your student ID number handy for verification when you call, or include it in your email.