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You can now safely submit documents at Financial Aid Document Submission Form.  Be sure to physically sign your forms as we don't accept electronic or computerized signatures.  

The Financial Aid Office is in the University Center, Room 101

Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am - 4:30pm

Appointments are not needed, and there is a computer lab in the office for help with applications

Phone number:  501-977-2055

Fax number:  501-977-2123


Forms for Fall 2022, Spring 2023 & Summer 2023
Amended Tax Return (.pdf, 64K)
Dependency Override Request (Contact Financial Aid) (.pdf, 210K)
High School Verification (.pdf, 58K)
Identity Form For Notary (.pdf, 120K)
IRS Documentation (.pdf, 61K)
Ordering Tax Transcript (.pdf, 58K)
Previous Enrollment History (.pdf, 55K)
Proof of Independent Status (.pdf, 64K)
Proof of Seperation (.pdf, 101K)
Request for Professional Judgement (Contact Financial Aid) (.pdf, 285K)
Signature Page (.pdf, 111K)
Student Loan Application (.pdf, 158K)
Verification of Non-Tax Filing (.pdf, 59K)
Verification Worksheet (Dependent Student) (.pdf, 301K)
Verification Worksheet (Independent Student) (.pdf, 253K)
Forms for Fall 2023, Spring 2024 & Summer 2024
Amended Tax Information (.pdf, 67K)
Dependency Override Request (Contact Financial Aid) (.pdf, 194K)
Identity Statement for Notary (.pdf, 120K)
IRS Documentation (.pdf, 60K)
Student Loan Application (.pdf, 163K)
Verification of Non-tax Filing (.pdf, 102K)
Parent Plus Loan Application (.pdf, 150K)
Previous Enrollment History (.pdf, 55K)
Professional Judgement Request (Contact Financial Aid) (.pdf, 348K)
Proof of Independent Status (.pdf, 68K)
Signature Page (.pdf, 112K)
Proof of Separation (.pdf, 102K)
Dependent Verification Worksheet (.pdf, 298K)
Independent Verification Worksheet (.pdf, 238K)
Business Office Forms
Student Direct Deposit Form (.pdf, 92K)
Financial Aid Forms/Information
Appeal Worksheet (.pdf, 87K)
Current Eligible AR Future Programs (.docx, 20K)
Current Eligible Workforce Challenge Programs (.docx, 22K)
FERPA Release (.pdf, 106K)
Resolve Citizenship Issue (.docx, 15K)
Resolve Defaulted Student Loan (.docx, 11K)
Veterans Request for Certification (.pdf, 163K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.