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Counseling Services offers free and confidential counseling in a variety of areas by Licensed Counselors. This portal page offers information about our services, programs, and resources to benefit college students. 

Appointments can be made by telephone, email, or in person using the information below. 

Teresa Horton
Counseling and Disability Services Assistant
Abby Jones, CRC, LAC
Counseling and Disability Services Coordinator
Cody Davis, LPC
Director of Counseling and Disability Services
Location: Business Technology Center (BTC) 204
Phone & Fax: (501) 977-2095 

The staff of Counseling Services is happy to help promote the mission of the college by helping students on their journey to personal growth and enrichment learn to handle obstacles in their lives that may hinder learning and student success. 

Here you will find organized information on a variety of mental health topics including concerns and tips. 

ADHD Handout (.docx, 77K)
Anxiety Handout (.docx, 77K)
Bipolar Disorder Handout (.docx, 78K)
Eating Disorders Handout (.docx, 75K)
PTSD Handout (.docx, 75K)
Self Injury Handout (.docx, 76K)
Separation Anxiety and Loneliness Handout (.docx, 76K)
Stress Handout (.docx, 77K)
Test Anxiety Handout (.docx, 82K)
Local Resources

A list of resources in the area which include food banks as well as treatment facilities.

Community Resources (.docx, 16K)
Study Skills

Having trouble studying? Try these tips. 

Tips for Studying (.docx, 99K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
UACCM Title IX Policy

If you have questions, have experienced sexual violence, or you have information about a rape or sexual assault, please call Campus Police at 501-208-7377, visit the Campus Police Station across from the Science Building, or visit with a counselor in the BTC #204. If you feel physically unsafe at any time, call 911 immediately. 

Title IX Policy (.docx, 62K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Personal Counseling: 

College students attend counseling for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the following: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Loneliness 
  • Decision making
  • Adjusting to college

UACCM students can receive up to 12 personal counseling sessions an academic year. 

This free screening tool is anonymous and provided to help determine if meeting with a counselor would be beneficial:

Free Confidential Mental Health Screening

The results are not a diagnosis and are for informational use only. We encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss your results and determine appropriate treatment if needed.

Let's Talk

Having something situational you need to talk about? Not sure if you need ongoing personal counseling? Let's Talk offers college students a one on one consultation with a licensed counselor in a confidential setting to help with situational needs as they arise. 

Career Counseling:

A college degree is an investment and you want to invest wisely. Career exploration is a fun process that helps you discover your individual work values, interest, personality, and skills. Most students finish the process in 3 to 4 sessions. 

If you're unsure about your major or what career to pursue you can use the link below to take a personality assessment and an interest inventory. An appointment for career counseling must be made to receive the results. 

FREE Career Counseling Assessments


Educational Counseling:

Incoming college students may not be prepared for college and struggle with note taking, studying, test taking, procrastination, time management, and test anxiety. Educational Counseling helps students strengthen these areas of weakness with proven methods to increase academic success. 


Stay tuned for upcoming Spring workshops. Good Luck with finals and have an Awesome Break!