Blackboard User ID and Password

Student Username: first initial + middle initial + lastname + last 3 of student id  (use X for the middle initial if you don't have one)

Password: 3 initials, lowercase (use X for the middle initial if you don't have one) + ID# + entire Student ID number


For example, John C. Doe (student ID #999004321) would have a User ID of:


and a password of:



Billy (no middle initial) Whithers (student ID # 999190323) would have a User ID of:


and a password of:



Please note that the password is case sensitive.


Click here to go to UACCM's Blackboard login page.

Respondus lockdown browser download

For Chromebooks, click on the link above and you will be redirected to the Google store where you can download the Respondus browser extension for Chrome.


Student Help

You can email questions about computer hardware or software to  A technician will be happy to speak with you about fixing any problem.  You can either make an appointment to meet in person at the Library Complex, or communicate via phone, email, or text.