Welcome to Advising!!!!


We are here to serve students with:

Academic Advising: Guiding students through the steps needed to reach their educational goals

Registration:   Enrolling students in the appropriate courses for degree completion

Transfer Services:  Assisting students with transfer to a four-year institution


   Committed to excellence in guiding students toward educational & career goals 


 Student Success Center, Business Technology Center, Room 200.

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm



Kristen Rodgers, Assistant



   Sandra Sponer, Academic Advisor



 Aubrey Viereck, Academic Advisor



Taylor Williams, Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator

twilliams@uaccm.edu; 501-977-2153


 Bobbi Yarbrough, Director 


How do I register for classes?

When can I make an appointment?

  • A new student can book an advising appointment after being fully accepted to the college and receiving an acceptance letter.
  • Registration for summer and fall classes usually begins in April of every year; registration for spring classes begins in late October/early November.
  • Appointments are generally available two weeks prior to the start of each registration period.